AUTOMA 2019 Oil & Gas Congress

18 October 2019
  • Automation and Digitalization in the Petrochemical sector
  • Leading Players of the Global Oil and Gas Industry
  • ALEEGO All-in-one solution

AUTOMA, one of the greatest Oil & Gas events took place in Zürich, Switzerland on the 14th and 15th of October 2019. This closed-door Congress dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector gathered representants from leading companies to discuss innovative solutions for Upstream, Midstream & Downstream segments.

This year’s topic was Automatization and Digitalization.  Attendees had the chance to learn from interesting speakers sharing their points of view on the usage of digital technologies, their advantages and potential risks. Innovative solutions and products specifically developed to solve problems in maintenance and asset management were also presented.

Key players from the petrochemical industry such as ExxonMobil, OMV, Nord Stream, MOL Group or Equinor attended AUTOMA. The present delegates and decision-makers had a great opportunity to get the latest information and trends in technological solutions, automation and digitalization processes. Some of the topics covered were AI and machine learning, predictive maintenance, secured data transfer or Big Data management.

ALEEGO was also exhibiting and presented its all-in-one solution, a unique online platform where customers create UAV missions and are matched with qualified UAV pilots: “As a drone service company with a strong focus on industrial inspections, ALEEGO could not miss this great event. AUTOMA was a great opportunity to meet in one place opinion and decision-makers from the Oil & Gas industry. It was also very useful to get an overview of the latest and upcoming technologies used in this particular sector.” said ALEEGO Business Development Manager, Julien Vondra.

ALEEGO online platform matches companies wishing to conduct drone inspections with qualified UAV pilots meeting all the requirements in terms of insurance coverage, equipment, licenses or industry expertise. The data collected during the flight is then converted into a report and the final product submitted to the customer. The technologies and solutions offered enable companies to digitize their assets and turn aerial data into actionable business intelligence.Incubated by the European Space Agency (ESA), ALEEGO also cooperates with leading companies from other industrial sectors such as Construction, Renewables or Real Estate.