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Agriculture and Forestry

Improving the protection and nutrition of plants helps to higher production
Healthier fields

Precision agriculture provides a clear picture to identify weather or wildlife damages, it helps to plan irrigation path and as well it can increase the productivity by using multispectral vision which goes beyond human eyes capabilities.

  • Maximize production
  • Spot problems faster
  • Use less chemicals and water

Real Estate

Different point of view
Your project viewed from the sky

UAV allow Real Estate companies and Developers to show their projects and properties from a different angle to customers, it increases customers satisfaction.

  • Meet Customers Satisfaction
  • Increase site visibility
  • Improve customer experience

Civil Work

Improve Project Progress Overview.
For safer communication ways.

Drones can perform quarries stock survey and indicate project progress by doing automatic survey of the fill/cut to compare to the expected progress.

  • Accurate project planning
  • Fast deployment
  • Digitize quarries stock


Safety is everybody’s priority.
Increase production, reduce the risk exposure.

Inspections done with drones reduce the time process and data into digitized data, as well it increases employee and contractor safety.

  • Increase Safety
  • Identify faster work which is needed
  • Quickly locate areas for Improvement

Industrial Inspection

Ensure you work in a safe environment
Digitize your assets into 3D Model

Using thermal sensors, allows you to detect hotspots in a building’s structure. With this data, inspectors can start planning proper maintenance.

  • Safer Operations
  • Create 3D models
  • Improve Inspection Delays


Renewables is everybody’s matter.
Renewable energy play a key role for a better future.

Using drones for Solar or Wind Farms Inspection will considerably cut inspection delay and increase the localisation of defective photovoltaic cells or wind turbine.

  • Accurate inspections
  • Faster defective cells localisation
  • Create map of the result


WHO WOULD WANT HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES OR VIDEOS OF THEIR STRATEGIC ASSETS, CONSTRUCTION SITES OR PRODUCTION PLANTS IN THE WRONG HANDS?  The successful implementation of this new technology on ALEEGO platform makes it now safe to transfer, process and store sensitive data collected by drones. The drone inspection company is the first to cryptographically secure its
Every year, the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce rewards an entrepreneur or a business less than five years old, for its creativity, originality, dynamism and potential for development and growth. This year the trophy was awarded to ALEEGO, the drone (UAV) service company for its original business journey, commitment and having social responsibility as a core element
Automation and Digitalization in the Petrochemical sectorLeading Players of the Global Oil and Gas IndustryALEEGO All-in-one solution AUTOMA, one of the greatest Oil & Gas events took place in Zürich, Switzerland on the 14th and 15th of October 2019. This closed-door Congress dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector gathered representants from leading companies to

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